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No 5 April 2018

Reliable success stories

I recently attended Expo West in Los Angeles to present Swedish Oat Fiber´s range of oat ingredients from the Naturex portfolio. As the world's largest event for nutritional products, the Expo was a great opportunity for gauging public perception of our range. The timing couldn’t have been better because there is a growing interest in oats, particularly from Scandinavia! Looking at today’s market, you can see there is a clear trend for planet-saving sustainable solutions, organic products and vegetable proteins. The world of ultra-fast (and sometimes fake) news is creating a buzz around the nutritional agenda so there is a need for something trustworthy and reliable. Oat products can meet that demand with its long list of proven health benefits and great recipes. Come and hear some of our success stories at the ScanOats workshop on 2nd May in Lund.

Yours sincerely,

Frédéric Prothon

R&D Director, Swedish Oat Fiber/Naturex




The News section

Oatly may affect Swedish oat cultivation

About six percent of the agricultural land in Sweden is planted with oat. If the success of Oatly continues, a large part of this may go into oat drink production in the future. Read about it in ATL.

Oatly heading for an international breakthrough

The sales curves of the Oatly products are pointing ever upwards, soon passing the first billion SEK in turnover. Not only in Sweden, the popularity of liquid oat products is increasing also in many other countries, according to this article in ATL.

Demand for Swedish Oatly leads to product shortage in the UK

The Oatly products are selling like hot cakes in the UK, with the foamable oat drink iKaffe being especially sought after. With a demand far outstripping the supply, leaving supermarket shelves empty, the production at the facilities in Landskrona in the south of Sweden will most likely increase further. Check the story in Inside Scandinavian Business.

Also coffee shops in the US are thirsty for oat drink

Appreciated by the baristas and customers for the hearty flavor, Oatly´s products are so popular in the US that in the last month coffee shops were left without oat drink for weeks. To meet the demand, Oatly will increase the output by fifty percent by this summer. Bloomberg is writing about it here.

Oat smoothie available in Ikea

How about some Swedish oat in the “Swediest” of all shops? Available in the Swedish Ikea stores already last autumn, this oat smoothie is now spreading all over the world.

Lantmännen Sweden´s most sustainable food brand

The study “Sustainable Brand Index”, the largest of its kind in the Nordic region, shows that consumers think Lantmännen is Sweden´s most sustainable brand in the food category. Read about it in Jordbruksaktuellt.

Two of ten new industry PhD students at SLU goes to Lantmännen

In the January issue of this newsletter, you could read about the industrial PhD students programme being set up with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences as host. Among the 30 applications, ten have now been selected and we can inform that two are going to Lantmännen. See the complete list at the SLU website.

Lantmännen Växthus – searching for innovative agtech solutions

Agricultural technology is booming and Lantmännen is a driver for progress. Lantmännen has accelerating innovations since 2014 in its program Greenhouse – a program for developing ideas into business plans. The last program was focusing on Agtech – ten startups and entrepreneurial projects participated – all of them with ideas to be applied at the farm! You can read about it in ATL, and also listen to Emma Nordell, one of the program managers, describe the program at the ScanOats workshop in Lund on 2 May.

(image courtesy by Lantmännen)


World tour of oat R&D

We are not eating enough avenanthramides

Avenanthramides are phenolic compounds found only in oats, and are beneficial to your health due to their suggested anti-inflammatory effects. A team from the Chalmers Institute of Technology in Sweden has analysed a large number of oat products and demonstrated that the estimated average daily intake probably is much lower than where the effects have been demonstrated in humans. A high level of wholegrain oat is would increase the avenanthramide content and intake though. Read the article here.

How to produce avenanthramides in bacteria

Knowledge of the biosynthetic pathway of avenanthramides has now made it possible to synthesize them through genetic engineering and production in the bacterium Escherichia coli. This study, by a team from the Republic of Korea, has shown the value of this production system for research to exploit their beneficial biological activities. Read the article here.

The evolution of oat revealed

Cultivated oat has a large and complex genome made up by three chromosome sets originating from various wild oat species. It has not been known though exactly which species have contributed with which parts. Now a research team from Canada is presenting a model based on the analysis of 25 oat species. This is important not only for fundamental knowledge but also for conservation of oat germplasm and utilization in breeding. Read the article here.

Artificial intelligence to optimize oat yield

Computer modelling by artificial intelligence has appeared as a potentially valuable tool to optimize agriculture. A report from Brazil now shows that oat yield can be increased by optimizing the seeding density using artificial neural networks and genetic algorithms. Read all about it here.



Coming events

ScanOats 1st workshop

From idea to market – Turning those brilliant research ideas into commercial applications

Lund, 2 May 2018

One of the main goals of ScanOats is to foster entrepreneurship and develop a dynamic environment for oat product development. This workshop will provide various successful examples of how to turn research ideas into commercially viable products. Representatives from the ScanOats industrial partners, as well as a few selected other companies with oat products in their portfolio, will provide their perspectives and present challenges and opportunities when turning research into application. All academic researchers, company employees and others who are interested in the innovation process in relation to oat or other agricultural products are welcome to this workshop. Sign up for it here before 23 April. The programme is available here.

Aventure breakfast seminar

Lund, 18 May 2018

“Klok, smart och hållbar mat”

Aventure is inviting to a breakfast seminar to discuss smart and sustainable food. Invited experts will talk about food for disease prevention, healthy and non-healthy food trends and much more. ScanOats Research Coordinator Dennis Eriksson will be there to show the benefits of oats. For more information, contact Olof Böök at

Matologi, SLU

Stockholm, 25 August 2018

Save the date! For the fourth year, Matologi is back as an event organised by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). With representatives from the entire food chain, public officials, companies and others, this year´s event will focus on informed choices about our food and how to use global resources sustainably. ScanOats will be there of course!




Keep an eye on the ScanOats website for upcoming job offers, student projects and other opportunities.


Thank you for reading the ScanOats 5th Newsletter! If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact the ScanOats Research Coordinator Dennis Eriksson at

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