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No 7 June 2018

Increasing activity in ScanOats!

We are now recruiting new co-workers to several of the ScanOats work packages. The new PhD students and postdocs will increase the speed in ScanOats’ research activities considerably. Please spread the news to potential candidates so that we can get the best possible co-workers. More details and links are found below in the newsletter. In WP4, we will develop mild processing methods to preserve or even increase the positive health effects of the oat components. The oat proteins are valuable from a nutritional point of view and they also contribute with important functional properties in food products. In order to keep these properties, mild processing is crucial. Carbohydrates and lipids are other important oat components. Among the carbohydrates, we will study both the already established beta-glucans and the less explored arabinoxylans. Oats contain high amounts of lipids, some of which are unique to oats, such as glycolipids with excellent emulsifying and potentially health promoting properties. We are looking forward to tackle a range of interesting research challenges!

Best wishes,

Patrick Adlercreutz

ScanOats WP4 leader



The moment that everyone has been waiting for is here! ScanOats is now recruiting a number of highly qualified staff at various levels to reinforce the work packages and further develop the research projects. At the moment, we need three PhD students, three Postdoctoral Researchers, and one Research Engineer. WP1 – the oat genome – needs one PhD student to work with the characterization of the oat genome and one Research Engineer with expertise in state-of-the-art bioinformatics. WP2 – for new oat varieties – needs one PhD student to look at Fusarium tolerance in oat and two Postdoctoral Researchers to work on lipases and arabinoxylans in oat. WP4 – on oat processing – is recruiting one PhD student to develop new products based on oat fiber and one Postdoctoral Researcher to analyse oat lipids.

These recruitments will emphasize and strengthen the coherence of the interlinked ScanOats work packages and further stimulate cross-project interactions, as we continue to develop a strong team of oat researchers within the ScanOats consortium.

You can read more about the announcement here, where you will also find the links to all the positions as well as how to apply.

Deadline for application is 8 July for all positions.



The News section

Lantmännen is increasing their R&D investments

Lantmännen is now stepping up their investments in research and development in order to further stimulate innovations and new business opportunities. The research fund Forskningsstiftelsen is getting an increased allowance from the hitherto 15 Million SEK to 25 Million SEK per year, and the main focus is to create higher value along the entire cereal chain from breeding and cultivation to food and feed products. ScanOats is an important part of the Lantmännen strategy for oat, and we have also previously in the April newsletter written about other important investments and contributions such as the SLU/Lantmännen Industry PhD students, and the Lantmännen Greenhouse (Växthuset). Read more about it here (in Swedish).

Oatly launches yet more products

We wrote about their new icecream in the March newsletter and now Oatly continues to increase their product portfolio. Two new sandwich spreads, flavoured with tomato/basil and with garlic/cucumber, are now being launched. Also, a new Mocca Latte is here for you to savour.



Coming events

SLU Matologi Stockholm, 25 August 2018

Save the date! For the fourth year, Matologi is back as an event organised by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). With representatives from the entire food chain, public officials, companies and others, this year´s event will focus on informed choices about our food and how to use global resources sustainably. For more information, contact Dennis Eriksson at


Thank you for reading the ScanOats 7th Newsletter! Now the ScanOats Newsletter will have a summer break and we will be back again on 15 August. If you have any comments or questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact the ScanOats Research Coordinator Dennis Eriksson at



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